Dhaka College of Physiotherapy

All students of Dhaka Collage of Physiotherapy ( DCPT ) are bound to obey the following terms and conditions:

01. All declarations made in applications for admission are accepted in good faith. Any false declarations about qualifications or age, or failure to produce necessary documentary evidence, may lead to expulsion from DCPT.

02. Students are required to attend classes punctually and regularly. At least 75% attendance is mandatory. Otherwise, he/she will be non–collegiate.

03. Students must pass all internal/ sessional examinations before they will be allowed to sit for external examinations.

04. Discipline within DCPT must be maintained. The authorities will take disciplinary action against students who break the rules.

05. Important notices for students are displayed on DCPT`s main notice board and website. Students must ensure that notices are read.

06. Identity cards will remain valid for the period mentioned on the card. These will cease to be valid when students leave DCPT, or on the date of expiry of the card.

07. DCPT Students are not allowed to form any student’s union or student’s organization; they are also not permitted to take part in political activities on or off-campus.

08. Students of DCPT are prohibited from going on strike and leaving classes, tests or examinations before their completion. In this instance, DCPT reserves the right to dismiss students from the course at any stage.

9. Students who discontinue studies before completion of the course must pay all expenses for the full course.

10. Students must replace or repair the property of DCPT which has been destroyed or damaged by their actions.

11. The authorities must be notified immediately about changes of address.

12. All students must submit their original educational certificates and mark sheets to the DCPT office. These will remain there until course completion.

13. Students are not allowed to sit for the final exam who are in debt to DCPT, the residential hostel or the cafeteria.

14. Enrollment for courses at DCPT constitutes a binding agreement to follow the course and pay the full admission and tuition fees at the time applicable.

15. Fees shall be payable as per schedule. Students will not be allowed to resume classes if fees remain unpaid. Receipts will be provided for all expenses.

16. All transport costs related to clinical placements must be borne by the students. On occasion, transport may be provided – subject to availability and on payment to CRP.

17. Students must follow “Intern policy” during their Internship.

18. It is mandatory for all DCPT students to follow the rules and regulations of DCPT, which are kept in the library.

19. The rules and regulations of DCPT may be changed at any time by the authorities.

20. If any issue rises which is not covered by these rules and regulations, academic council of DCPT reserve the rights to take or review decisions.