Dhaka Collage of Physiotherapy

President’s message

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took the initiative to develop the first post-independence physiotherapy education system in the country. Physiotherapy education was also discontinued after his assassination in 1985. Since the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took over as the Prime Minister, the physiotherapy education system in the country has developed tremendously. The establishment of Dhaka College of Physiotherapy, the first and only college in this sector, is a continuation of the development of the government.

I think Bangabandhu has ensured the independence of the country, and the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina has played a helpful role in increasing the work ethic of physiotherapists with due respect. The government led by Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been making great strides in the development of education and medical sector in the country. Since 2009, many institutions have been set up at the government level to spread medical education, including medical colleges, medical universities and nursing colleges, and initiatives have been encouraged to set up quality medical educational institutions at the government as well as private levels.

Physiotherapy treatment and education system is getting richer in Bangladesh. The level of this prosperity has been further enhanced with the establishment of Dhaka College of Physiotherapy. I believe that the students of this institute affiliated to Dhaka University will be able to play a role in the

Aim of Dhaka College of Physiotherapy-

Contribute to the building of a healthy and prosperous nation by bringing physiotherapy and rehabilitation health services to the doorsteps of the people by building skilled physiotherapy physicians of international standard and playing a special role in achieving the goals of the SDGs.

Through the introduction of full-fledged physiotherapy colleges in the country

    New horizons were opened in the field of medical education

Although the world is rich in physiotherapy treatment, Bangladesh was lagging behind. But the incidence of disease and the number of patients is increasing at a geometric rate. People in the country are still often deprived of proper treatment for related diseases including arthritis, pain and paralysis. Hopefully, world class physiotherapy treatment is being done in the country now. Dhaka College of Physiotherapy, the first higher education institution in the field of physiotherapy education in the country, has been established at the college level on individual initiative to build skilled human resources in this sector. In the post-liberation period, undergraduate courses in physiotherapy were introduced along with physiotherapy department and postgraduate orthopedics courses for the treatment and rehabilitation of war wounded freedom fighters. But even though medical and education systems were introduced for the development of physiotherapy, it was stopped at one stage. The redevelopment of education has begun over the past two decades. But then at the institute level. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree activities are being conducted under Dhaka University. But no physiotherapy college has been established in the country. So we have established a physiotherapy college. At present, the academic activities of this college have started with the admission of students from the 2020-2021 academic year.

Special features of the college-

  1. 5 year term (including 1 year internship) Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy program under the Faculty of Medicine, Dhaka University.
  2. Committed to the formation of international standard skilled physiotherapy physicians / health researchers.
  3. Facilities of teaching and practical classes under the supervision of skilled, experienced physicians and teachers of national and international reputed universities.
  4. Necessary classes and clinical placement arrangements abroad through internationally renowned foreign teachers.
  5. Own campus building, air-conditioned digital classroom, digital laboratory, well-equipped library, playground, therapeutic gymnasium, separate hostel for students and medical facilities.
  6. Compulsory internship at honorary allowance at own hospital at the end of the course.
  7. During the course through the Language Club, it is compulsory to arrange higher education and foreign education in foreign countries during the course of the course.
  8. Conducting education and research through collaboration with national and international medical educational institutions and hospitals.
  9. Helping interested students to prepare for BCS during the course through the Career Club.
  10. To prepare all the students for real and moral life through training during the course through Moral Club.
  11. Arrangement of regular cultural activities.
  12. Round-the-clock security system and convenience of own transportation.
  13. Scholarships for the poor and meritorious.
  14. Arrange for regular parent meetings and exchange of views.